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Discover a New World

World trade currently grows roughly three times faster than merchandise output. This explosive growth represents a spectacular opportunity for those with the expertise to capitalize on it. The digital revolution brings the opportunity to personally (or organizationally) develop this valuable professional know-how with the expertise being brought right to your PC – no matter where you are. 

You no longer need to rely on what limited knowledge might be available from a local educational institution. You no longer need to be limited to buying or selling products to or from your local market. The world is your market.  World trade is a timeless source of prosperity, and the barriers to entry have never been lower and the growth has never been stronger.

The ITS accreditation program is a specialized distance learning program delivered electronically over the Internet & by CDROM by world renowned subject area experts. It provides practical skills, and results in the International Trade Specialist Professional Designation. Over the past 5 years the ITS program has been adopted across Eastern & Western Europe as a key designation indicating the organizational and individual expertise required to master the risks and complexities of international trade.


In the 15th century, Global Trade was fraught with extreme risk.  Severe weather sank many ships, entire crews died of disease, many perished in battles with natives, not to mention pirates, or even mutineers plundering their profits. There was virtually no difference between traders and explorers!

Much has changed – but much remains the same!

Successful traders today are not blindly exploring, but have learned to effectively minimize risk by understanding and countering the pitfalls that represent risk. Refusing to learn the lessons from those who have gone before makes you an explorer rather than a trader. There may be some rewards – if you survive the risks heretofore unknown to you.

No one really knew or could manage the risks then. However, now we can IF WE CHOOSE TO! Mystery is only a mystery to the ignorant. This isn’t the great unknown – it’s only unknown to some.


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