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NGO's and government agencies can partner with private industry.

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Government Trade Advancement Partnership (GTAP)

The Government Trade Advancement Partnership (GTAP) exists to enable government agencies and non-government organizations (NGO’s) to partner with private industry in order to:

  • Extend the value of trade-related government/NGO services
  • Improve access to trade related tools & resources
  • Accelerate the development of trade relations

WTI's Mission

The World Trade Institute of the Americas seeks to:

  • Enhance competitiveness of the Americas Region in the global market.
  • Foster Regional and Local Economic Development Across the Americas Through Trade.
  • Create Competency in International Trade Through Education.

Special Offer for International Trade Training

Extend the value of trade-related government/NGO resources to the private-sector through the Government Trade Advancement Partnership. Under GTAP the World Trade Institute currently offers a substantial discount on the International Trade Specialist (ITS) Accreditation Program to the following Organizations, Businesses & Individuals:

  • Employees of Qualifying Trade-Related Government Agencies & NGO’s.
  • Direct recipients of services from a qualifying government agency or NGO.

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GTAP Benefits

Better Trained Government Employees

Government agencies are now able to receive valuable training in the specialized topic area of international trade.  The professional training provided better qualifies employees to service:

  • Certify your expertise with the ITS Professional Designation to constituents.
  • Better understand import/export process and business needs

Extend  & Enhance Government Resources & Services

Extend the value of trade-related government/NGO resources to the private-sector through the Government Trade Advancement Partnership.  The World Trade Institute builds the expertise within organizations and individuals necessary for them to attain self-sufficiency in the area of international trade.

Expertise in Trade Fosters Economic Growth in the Private Sector

The accelerated proliferation of expertise in international trade allows local business to compete in the global market, by adapting to and profiting from rapid globalization, fueled by advances in communication , transportation and government policies.

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