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International Trade Specialist (ITS), a Vital Professional Credential

The International Trade Specialist Accreditation Program provides participants with a comprehensive foundation in international trade. Graduates are awarded the lifelong International Trade Specialist (ITS) professional designation, signifying this broad expertise to employers, colleagues, and clients.

Benefits of the ITS Professional Designation:

To the Professional

  • Signify your expertise to employers, colleagues, and clients by adding ITS designation to your business cards, stationery and resume.
  • Enhanced Professional Credential enables promotion.
  • Lifelong professional designation goes with you wherever you work.
  • Provides credibility to start your own import/export business.

To the Organization

  • ITS Accreditation ensures employee expertise:
    • Train current employees in ITS Program.
    • Seek new hires with ITS designation.
  • Build trust with trade partners and clients by certifying expertise of in-house staff.
  • Valuable employee training benefit, enhances employee value to company.


A Personalized Modular Program

Enroll in the entire ITS Program to earn the International Trade Specialist professional designation, or simply register for any combination of modules to receive specialized professional training  based on your specific needs.

Complete ITS Program While Working Full-Time

Most full ITS program participants work full-time while completing the program on a part time basis, as their schedule allows.  The International Trade Specialist Program is flexible  and personalizable in the following ways:

Flexible Curriculum & Schedule

  • Enroll for the entire program or for any combination of modules you may need.
  • Study on your own schedule.
  • Modules generally require around 30-60 days to complete.
  •  ITS Accreditation Program may be completed in 8-12 months, on a part-time basis.

Flexible Internet Delivery Saves Time & Money

  • Expertise delivered directly through your PC, regardless of limited local resources.
  • Instruction is delivered in the comfort of your own home.
  • No commute time or expense.
  • Minimize time away from your family.
  • No childcare costs.
  • Live interactive sessions are delivered over the Internet, then are delivered as transcripts to participants, even if schedules don’t permit live attendance.
  • Costs a fraction of the money and time required for a traditional degree program.

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